Video Enhance AI v1.7.1

Download: Windows, Mac

New features:

  • add ProRes (HQ) .mov format for exporting video
  • AI model update: Artemis v8

Notable improvements:

  • fix incorrect GPU listing
  • fix horizontal line artifacts.
  • fix slow-down/hanging when input is a long image sequence.
  • fix audio cracking in some saved mp4 videos
  • improve audio sync
  • handle input image sequence with missing frames
  • display video thumbnail correctly
  • add a warning message if a system is below minimum requirements
  • fix default export file name inconsistency
  • fix crashes in multiple scenarios.
  • set default will change CRF default value

Known issues:

  • CPU only system may be slower
  • Gaia-CG model has not been recovered to 1.6.1 quality.
  • input EXR support is removed due to stability issues.

Why Windows 10 2004 is minimum requirement? Windows 10 1909 isn’t enough ? For stability most people use 1909…

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1909 is mostly fine. If it works, ignore the warning.

New GPU support? 3070-3080-3090?
How about speed 1080ti vs 2080(super, ti), 3070-3080?

I know it is still early but I’m wondering if there are there plans to release a version with native support for the Apple M1 chip? Seems like this might be the perfect use of neural engine.


30 series has been supported since 1.7.0

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a how about speed for 30 series?

It’s pretty damn fast, just some issues with 1.7.0 with less sharpness etc, and audio syncing. Haven’t tried 1.7.1 yet so hopefully all will be great!

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on my systems,
2k(1920x1080) to 8k(7680x4320) GAIA-HQ5
RTX3080 : 0.89~0.94sec/frame (AMD 3900x DDR4-3600 CL14)
RTX3090 : 0.85~0.88sec/frame (AMD 3970x DDR4-3200 CL22)

is very good, can test speed from HD to UHD (200% Artemis HQ)?
i’m wait 3080Ti but i think buy used 2080ti now if speed for it more than of my 2x 1080ti

The AppDATA folder can be very large because of all the Models stored inside …
But the installation process of Video Enhance AI doesnt offer the choice to install it on a different disk than the system disk !..
Other Topaz products let you choose the AppDATA location.
So is it possible to do the same with Video Enhance AI ??


There will be at a certain time, depends on the adoption of the M1.


I have the same problem ,the appdata folder takes too much space on the C drive !!
For the developers the option to let the user choose the directory of the appdata folder is an easy fix i think. Can we have that on the next release ?

Excellent suggestion, that would be great.

Has anyone tried using an AMD card yet? As I understand it, AMD support was very recently added. What are the performance metrics compared to Nvidia? I was thinking of throwing together a salvage build with an old RX560 lying around to dedicate to AI upscaling. Thanks everyone

When you open Video Enhance AI it’s not full screen !!!
This is a bit annoying…for the moment you have two solutions :

1- You can click on the the little square to make full screen but you have to do it every time as it doesn’t remember the last size of the window program…
2- The best solution is to manually set the desktop shortcut to maximized

Could you fix that ?

It will remember the size when you exit the program. The first time, make it full screen and then exit the program. Next time you open it, it should be full screen.

Good suggestion. Added to the to do list.

AMD has similar performance to comparable GPU from other vendor. Give it a try.

It doesn’t.