Video Enhance AI - Use ROCm HIPify for AMD support


Are you aware of AMD’s efforts to make it possible to compile CUDA sources for AMD cards with minimal source modification? It’s already possible to compile PyTorch for AMD this way. I’m not sure if you’re using any frameworks or are working with CUDA directly, but doing it this way should be less work than writing an entirely new backend for OpenCL.

I tried searching the forums for any official information regarding AMD GPU support, but couldn’t really find anything. Apologies if this has already been discussed.

Hopefully, they can add AMD GPU support for VEAI in Windows.


I’m looking forward to AMD support as well. My current card is AMD and after seeing that preview of what Big Navi should be capable of I’m looking forward to my next GPU upgrade, but still sad to say I can’t do anything with VEAI till they get AMD GPU support.

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