Video Enhance AI update slow processing, want to return to the last version

I have been enhancing standard definitions video to HD with AI Video Enhance on my workstation PC. All has been going well. Then I updated to the latest release. Now, what was taking roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes is now taking 27 hours. Nothing has changed on my PC. Nor have the settings I’m using with the product. The only change was the update. How can I return to the previous release…which worked.
I have hundreds of videos to enhance for archival purposes and all work has now stopped. Any thoughts?
Larry Hatteberg

You can download the earlier releases from this forum however I would suggest you raise a support request at the main website as there haven’t been any reports like this…

Thanks, I’m rechecking my system. I appreciate your response!

I had that issue when switching from 1.3.8 to 1.7.1.
My encode speed went from 1.12spf to 11.24spf, it turns out that the model it was choosing was CPU only. For some reason, even though I had GPU (1) 1080ti selected it was using only CPU.
You can verify by selecting CPU render and comparing speeds.