Video Enhance AI Tape Drop Out Fixer

I’ve been testing out VEAI with some old Lo-Band Umatic tapes and generally it is doing a very good job at enhancing the picture quality. I am very impressed with what it can do. However, it wold be great if the AI algorithm could recognise the kind of tape dropout known as Comet tails. The 1 frame white horizontal flashes that are very common on old Umatics, VHS tapes and Beta’s. I would have thought these would be very easy for the AI to pick out and replace with sections from previous frames or lines above or below.
See links for images:

Thanks Nick

They probably need to train the program for that, feed it bunch of similar footage and tell it what to look for. It would be nice to have “restoration mode” or something that one can activate in the Video Enhance Interface and make the program specifically look for such problems common for the media.

Yep. That would be great.

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