Video Enhance AI - Suggestion for Comparison View

It would be nice if the models that have already been rendered did not have to re-render when other models get swapped out and the comparison view re-run.

First I compare AHQ, AMQ, and Theia.

I find that I like AHQ so I keep that, but I replace AMQ and Theia for two different variations of Proteus.

I re-run the comparison view. Since AHQ did not change, it would be nice if it didn’t need to re-render.

Then I run a third compare: I tweak just one of the Proteus views from the last run of the compare. That should be the only one of the three views that would need to re-render.

The above should save a lot of time when swapping out just one or two of the views in comparison mode, especially when this is done a few times in a row and when the user selects a larger number of frames for the preview.



HI! That is a great feature request. I have noted your feedback here and it would also be helpful in the future if you could report and additional feedback using the Send Feedback feature located under Help in the app menu :slight_smile:


Thanks for pointing out the “Send Feedback” option! I will use that in the future.

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Ooo, I can’t wait for it to hit beta for testing! And yes, I was just thinking the same when I came upon this thread, great suggestion indeed!

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