Video Enhance AI recommended settings


I am looking at upscaling my 1080P copy of Bullitt to 4K, and was wondering which settings should I use. Also, should I use the same setting for upscaling my 480P Star Trek Deep Space Nine to 1080P with the same setting?

Please advise :slight_smile:


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to be fair, as of now, we don’t have much settings to go. You can choose what preset (Gaia-HQ ,Gaia-CG, and the Artemis flavours, but artemis still looks like garbage for most cases) it will use and that’s pretty much it. I had to rollback from 1.2 to 1.1 (1.2 was taking way too long to encode), but in 1.2 using 100% or 200% in resource priority wouldn’t change anything, and anything more than that would result in either the same or crashes.

If one thing can be said, though, is that some users have better final results if first only using the 100% denoise/deblock and then upscaling, but that can take up to double the time compared to if you only upscale, more like using a second-pass while encoding video, so you should think what’s better.
What preset you use (Gaia or Artemis) probably depends on what your source material is, so there’s not a ‘recommended setting’. But I always use HQ (now Gaia-HQ) as it’s the one with better results by my judgement and using my videos, it can be different with your videos and taste. Also, depending on the resolution of the source and your taget resolution, MAYBE it is best to do the upscaling in steps, like from 480p to 1080p, then 4k (if you want to upscale SD material to UHD). If I’m correct it works best like that when using gigapixel, and the algorythm should be the same for VEAI. Haven’t look too much into that, though, as I always use 200x (either 720p to 1440p or 1080p to 4k).

EDIT: just remembered that it seems VEAI is dropping frames, so if you encode more than 1 time it is possible that your final encode would be out of sync, but I believe that can be worked out with mkvmerge


To answer the original poster’s question:

I would use “Gaia-HQ” for the 1080p copy of Bullitt to 4K, and “Artemis-MQ” for 480p Star Trek to 1080p.

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I’ve been trying to find good settings for Deep Space 9 – and it’s been quite the adventure. Before you’ll be able to send it through VEAI, you’ll need to do lots of pre-processing. I’m pretty new to this stuff, so I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure it out! :slight_smile: If you pull the video right off the DVD, you’re going to have Audio Sync Issues.

All said and done, I’ve found that I liked Gaia-CG the best. It made the CG look nice at 450% (4k), and really made the backgrounds look nice.

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Is there any simple way in Video Enhance to see the differences between the various options? Like take a still frame and show how they look across them all? Or a side by side video compare of the different ones? Reminds me of how I’d split screen a few options with AVISynth to compare settings visually.

no, there is not