Video enhance ai Nvidia 3090 GPU (graphics card) problem

my pc configuration
cpu - Ryzen 5 3600
ram 32 Gb
Gpu - Nvidia 3090
graphics card only 10-20% use ( processing by Nvidia rtx 3090)
How can I use 90-100% gpu ?

Note: [ I Enhance my footage 4k to 8k, Video time is around 20 minutes,
It takes 3-4 days to complete, how can i reduce the time?]

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If you’re using Artemis, then your CPU is slow. Try Gaia + TIF output to lower CPU usage and maximize GPU usage. I’m running dual 3090 with 90% usage all the time.

do you recommend TIF output because it takes some processing pressure off of the gpu compared to one of the video containers?

Because mp4 and prores option will encode the images while producing the images. I believe the CPU will encode 8 images each time, so you will see a small latency each 8 frames. If you choose TIF, or PNG, or JPG, there’s no encoding process needed. Therefore, VEAI will focus on producing images with Gaia models. That will maximize the GPU performance. This is not a statement, it’s just based on what I tested. I believe this is correct.