Video Enhance AI Makes Single Seam Line on Output

First, off, want to say this is an amazing product. Been testing your software and other ai upscalers and I like that VE denoises and deblocks as well as upscales. Makes the video so much clearer.

However, I am noticing that there seems to be a small seam 1/4 down the video display on output. I output each to png sequence using Gaia HQ and it is a common visual problem on every frame. It’s not super noticeable, but now that I noticed it I find it on every frame.

I know it’s not from the video because it’s on every video I have output with Gaia HQ.

Is there any suggestions that you might have? Gaia HQ brings a lot of detail into the image that I like that I have found the others don’t bring, as well, so I would prefer a fix for Gaia HQ.