Video Enhance AI Mac 2.6.4 crashing on Mac Studio

I was anxious to use my new Mac Studio with Video Enhance. I have found however that when attempting to open video files the program immediately crashes. When I try using individual files some will work fine without issue. The files that seem make it crash however open and process without issue on my PC. I have been searching the web and have fund others are reporting this same issue.

Has anyone heard if a fix is in the works?


Hi, I’ve had the same issue on some of my videos.
From what I’ve read online, to seems to happen with certain videos with either non standard frame sizes or also on some videos that have been encoded with unusual settings.
What those settings are I can’t say as I can’t track down exactly which ones cause the crash.
I know that you can run Video Enhance through Rosetta and it will work but of course you lose some performance because of that.
I have an M1 Mac mini and I get between 0.09 and 0.12 Sec/Frame using Artemis low quality converting SD video to 720p even using Rosetta so I’m not sure there’s a massive speed increase in native mode although every frame counts I guess.