Video Enhance AI keeps freezing my system

Yes, this software is certainly promising, but unfortunately it’s too unstable to be of much use in production as of now. I’m running the latest VEAI version 1.5.1 on latest NVIDIA drivers (tried both game and studio drivers) with my 2080Ti, SD2HD GaiaHQ to PNG as default, and the thing keeps freezing my machine randomly, always after 15min to 2h of processing. I have to force shut down everytime.

Sent dxdiag to support and no meaningful reply so far. I tried dialling back resource %, GPU temp/power limits, no difference. My system is ultra stable otherwise with not a single game crash since I’ve had this GPU for about a year now. Tried running VEAI with every other possible program closed, no difference. Now trying to process it to H264 instead of PNGs to see if that maybe makes a difference, but I feel it’s just wishful thinking now and running out of ideas rapidly what else to try to get this working.

Incidentally, GigaPixel works without a hitch, but too bad it’s not what I’m ultimately after.

I hope this is not gonna be another one of those 30-day trials where:
Day 1: trying out the new software just to get excited
Day 2: trying to troubleshoot all the bugs on my own without success
Day 3-30: waiting on support to reply with some relevant idea how to get it to work
Day 31: trial over, now you have to pay to finally get a working version…

I’m also very saddened to see the aggressive DRM applied to Topaz products. Some of us have offline machines for dedicated video processing and home cinema, and to be forced to run the software online is unacceptable. Instead you should be offering a CLI version for power users so they can actually run real batch processes without resource drain and instability of guis and unnecessary previews.

I suggest to adjust the windows power saving options to 99 % cpu usage to disable the intel turbo boost and to use the msi afterburner tool to turn down the maximum gpu temperature of your graphics card. I run VE AI on my RTX 2070 super 17 hours none-stop without any issues this way. I agree that any paid/purchased software should work offline too. :slight_smile: