Video Enhance AI - Is RTX 3080 fully supported?

Hello , today I tried using Gaia-CG on some animated series with my RTX 3080 , the problem is I don’t see ANY quality change with this specific model , however I see a significant change in the same model when trying to use CPU , the problem is that it doesn’t change anything , my GPU is much better than my CPU therefore I would want to use my GPU obviously.The GPU works pretty good on the other models but it doesn’t work on this specific model , which is the most important for me , any idea if Gaia-CG is currently supported for RTX 3080?

Let’s say:

  • GPU: “I will upscale what I think is important”
  • CPU: “I upscale everything, no matter what”

I prefer Artemis than Gaia now.

Why’s that so? it sucks , Gaia has much better results than Artemis and it’s extremely slow even with a good CPU , there is no way to use Gaia with the GPU?

What are you talking about? Why Gaia doesn’t use GPU?

Well, I don’t know if the problem is on my side or on the software’s side , but answer is that my GPU isn’t using Gaia at all for some reason , my CPU does , my GPU works on other models but not for Gaia models

It’s not the software, it’s your PC. Contact customer service then. Try to turn off Windows hardware acceleration, update your GPU driver.

My windows is up to date , the windows hardware acceleration is turned off and my GPU is up to date (Studio version)

Then I really have no idea. Sorry I can’t help you.

Just reinstalled Windows and still no change…

There must be something interfering with the job allocation. It uses both the CPU and my RTX 3090, as well. If your motherboard has on-board video on it, try and disable it in BIOS. (Most are defaulted to “auto.” With computers, there is really no such thing as automatic.)

For some reason , I can’t find anything related to GPU in the BIOS , tried searching in the System Agent but no Graphics Configuration , any idea?

Please post your system specs here. Maybe someone will have the solution.

CPU : I7-10700KF
GPU : RTX 3080
RAM : 16GB

Please tell me if more information is needed

Usually, Gaia gives you less detail boost than Artemis. If you prefer more detail, then use Artemis AA for upscaling. If you just want to clean the video, then use 100% denoise + deblock with Gaia CQ. CPU sometimes gives more details than GPU, but it also creates more artifacts with low bitrate videos.

It’s not only about upscaling the video , it’s about enhancing details which isn’t working for me at all with Gaia, for my purpose , Gaia actually give MORE details than Artemis , atleast while using the CPU, therefore I need to my GPU so it can be faster

Not what you’re thinking.
Artemis uses CPU and GPU at the same time, so it will give more details than Gaia. Gaia only uses GPU which is only good for cleaning the video with minor boost, also less artifacts. That’s why Artemis is faster and more clear since it uses CPU. Now you know why CPU is more important in detail enhancements.

Alright , so let’s say Artemis gives more details than Gaia , why it doesn’t give more details for my specific video? unlike Gaia which does it when using the CPU

GPU is like “I enhance what I should enhance”

CPU is in contrast “I enhance everything I want, who cares”

What type of Artemis are you using anyway?

tried HQ and MQ

Use Theia Detail with setting (20-30-0)