Video Enhance AI Install & Update

Bug: It won’t use gtx 1660 super despite its already selected. It keeps using CPU instead.


  1. Set topaz to use GPU

  2. run the process

  3. note remining time =32 hours, nvidia SMI says only 14W power, CPU pegged at 90-100%.

  4. Set topaz to use CPU

  5. run the process

  6. note remining time =32 hours, nvidia SMI says only 14W power, CPU pegged at 90-100%.

Possible cause: i managed to use GPU once, but then i changes to CPU but i canceled the request to restart the app. Then i closed the app. Then It keeps using CPU despite GPU selected.

Windows 10.

uninstall and reinstall of topaz video enhnce AI have zero effect. It even still save my previous setting (CPU).

how can i clean install this thing?

Just raise a support request at the main website to check on the issue you are having with the 1660 as the developers can help there.

I talked it you mean the super version of the GPU just under the ti.

How things going on meanwhile with a notibable upcoming udate?
What would be improved/implemented?
Are adjustment sliders like for debockling, smoothing, denoise and sharpen will come?
Has the ongoing AI Learning improved the results; learning since many weeks?

Change log for 1.1.0?

I am having this issue as well. Even though the GPU is selected, it does not start a process on the GPU.

Change log for 1.1.1?

Please post these for your users.

You can find the Video Enhance AI changelogs here as well as in the Help Center:

Change log for 1.2.0? Not at the above link.

1.2.0 doesn’t work for me. The program fill all my vram (8gb) and get a error (even setting performance option at 20%). My vram doesn’t clean until I close the program.

I have a 2070 super and the last nvidia drivers.

Please fix that!

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