Video Enhance AI Gaia HQ v5 Artifacting Issues

Recently I’ve been noticing that the Gaia HQ model has been giving glaring artifacts especially in scenes with very dark backgrounds. The problem has been persisting throughout the last few versions of Video Enhance AI. This is pretty disappointing since most of the time I get the best looking results from the Gaia HQ Model. I have no idea if it is a hardware issue or some sort of bug with the model.

On the left side of this photo you can see an example of one of these artifacts: Video Enhance AI Gaia HQ v5 Artifact - Album on Imgur

How did you upscale it? What’s your settings?

This keeps happening across multiple videos but I usually upscale videos to 4k (custom 2880x2160 if the video is 4:3) and keep the grain settings default. The video format is the default MP4 - H.264 setting with a 17 Compression Factor and I keep the original audio. Sometimes I upscale videos to 1080p (custom 1440x1080 if the video is 4:3) and the problem persists there too. I have a feeling it’s a bug with model, but if it’s hardware related I do render my videos with an RTX 2060. I only notice this problem happening with the Gaia HQ v5 model, and I’m not sure if it also happens with the Gaia CG model because I don’t really use it.

Here’s a photo of my preferences if the information is important: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’m using Gaia HQ v5 and I don’t see any problem like you had. Maybe you will want to try CRF 15 or lower and see if it helps.

I just now tried with the different compression factor you mentioned and also tried the MOV - ProRes 422 format and the artifacts still appear. I also tried the Gaia CG Model to see if the problem occurs there too and it does. It definitely seem like a rendering issue, and not a video encoding issue. I’m wondering if the Gaia Models just don’t play nice with my GPU or there actually is a bug with the models. The odd thing is I never had these issues until the last few months. I wonder if a driver update messed with something or an update to VEAI messed with the models.

Clean reinstall VEAI and let me know then.

Alright so I resolved the issue. Turns out it was an issue with my graphics driver. I switched from the Nvidia Game Ready drivers that I had been using to the Nvidia Studio drivers and now I’m no longer getting artifacts with the Gaia models.

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