Video Enhance AI Gaia HQ upscale model results in video with no sound, is this normal?

I have a 110 minute WW2 newsreel that I’m upscaling from 480p24 to 1440p24. I used the Gaia model to do the upscaling and everything seemed to work perfectly up until Video Enhance AI displayed the message “Merging Audio…” .

The upscaling process took over 12 hours. And at the end every frame appeared to have been upscaled. But after Merging Audio completed, I’m now left with two upconverted files: a video file with no sound, and another Quicktime file that can’t be opened labeled “…merged”.

I should say that the first time I upscaled the file I chose H.264 as the output and there was no issue. But when I chose “ProRes HQ” as the destination codec, I ended up with these two files. Not sure if that’s relevant. Unfortunately, there’s no Apple Pro Res option in Video Enhance AI except for “Pro Res HQ”.

I just wish I knew what caused this. Is it a length issue? Should I instead have cut the 110 minute film into two parts, less than an hour each?

Thank you in advance for any help and feedback.