Video Enhance AI doesn't reclaim GPU resources once they are available

I was processing some video at 0.4 seconds per frame. My son wanted to play a multiplayer game online with me, but I was 17.25 hours into processing an 18-hour job, so I didn’t want to cancel it. I started the game and played it on minimum graphics settings. The processing speed dropped to 16 seconds per frame, but I can live with that so long as it doesn’t crash or stop while we play. So far, so good.

After playing, Video Enhance AI is very laggy (it takes several seconds just to open or minimize the window or open something like “process” or “help” on the menu bar), and it’s still processing at 16 seconds per frame. My GPU and VRAM are available now, but it isn’t using them. What should have taken 30 minutes to complete is now going to take 9 hours.

Speaking of this situation of needing to use my computer… I would love it if we got a pause button on processing. I understand if there is a technical reason we cannot, but it would be very nice.

I know .png conversion lets us stop and resume, but I need to keep the audio, and I never figured out how to convert all those .pngs back into a video anyway.


When I want to play some game, I pause the Topaz process suspending it in a task manager and resuming it afterwards. This makes the trick for me, it is worth giving it a try.

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That’s a great tip! I can’t figure out how to do it, though. This is what I see in Task Manager:

Ok, my fault. I’m using a program called Process Explorer, but if you don’t want to install an external app you can do it through the Resource Monitor (In spanish in the pic). I have tried and it works pretty well. When I suspend the Topaz process and resume it afterwards, it works as fast as before the suspension.

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I’m on a Mac OS 10.5. Is there a way to suspend processing and resume later?