Video Enhance AI 2.4.0 completely shut down

I guess I’m not alone that VE AI 2.4.0 has broken down. Started with me yesterday. A two minute render results in a 20 minute result because of 1 second per frame. Tech just said they are working on it. So now, I’m dead in the water until it’s corrected.

The time processing is messed up currently. Don’t judge the time based on it.

Thank you, viktorz. It’s really frustrating that after a video is rendered, the play back is at 1 fps. I then have to go to my editing program and adjust the playback time which solves it for the present. I rendered an enhanced 44 minute video tape the other day. The time it took to render was normal but the output video was like 23 hours in length due to the 1 fps playback. But, as I said, it was easily (relatively speaking) to fix it to real time. The result was ok with no abnormalities in playback. Completing a video is delayed considerably as you can see. Once again, much appreciated for letting me know

Viktor, I just installed that latest Nvidia Studio Driver and that appears to solve the problem after doing a short vid enhancement. The info showed the correct 29.97 fps for playback. It played back just as it should.
Thank you for all your help.

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