Video Enhance AI 1.9.0 drag and drop doesn't work

The drag and drop feature doesn’t work for me when importing into VEAI, whether it’s windowed or not. It just shows a black deny sign. It also doesn’t accept .asf or .rm files, unlike it did before.

Generally that means (assuming Windows and not Mac) that you are running as administrator. Since the install always runs with administrative privileges drag-and-drop will never work if used from the “launch” option, but if you are doing it from a later run you likely set it as admin. This is true for all Windows programs, not just VEAI.


Thank you, this worked. It also fixed the extension problem, as now I can force it to import them by drag and dropping. It’s weird that it doesn’t let you directly open them even though it is clearly able to interpret the footage correctly. Maybe they should fix that. I have one more problem; do you know why it might be that I am unable to post in the “Video Enhance AI” section? The create new post button is blocked there, unlike here for example. Thank you

I’ve seen others post the same problem; best guess is that there is some limitation on how many posts you’ve made in other threads or something before you can post there. Actually, somebody moved this one there, I think.

Okay, I understand, thank you. I will try being more active because I do want to post there :smiley:

I have the same issue, but I’m confused about the answer. Do I need to use a Windows account that is not an admin, or do I need to run VEAI with, or without, admin privileges? What is a “later run”? Thanks.