Video Enhance AI 1.8.1 output Jpeg Compression

Video Enhance AI 1.8.1
Jpeg compression for jpeg sequience output is set to 51%. But as stated in explanation text it should be set to 97%.
Such high compression introduce a lot of jpeg compression noise in output.

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96-97% is perfect. 100-98% is still very large in file size.

Ability to specify it yourself is better. But 51% is a bug.

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Video Enhance AI 2.2.0
This issue has not yet been resolved.
I hope for immediate improvement.

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Video Enhance AI 2.3.0

This bug of jpeg compression has not been improved yet.:sweat:
Please allow ffmpeg option settings or fix this bug.

There is also another bug related to jpeg and maybe other image files. While processing video - program creates and writes file where it saves last processed video file. And it is done after each frame when you save output as images. Its not good for hdd/speed. And if you use this file to load last processed file then last saved frame (next after it) is not set. So this file is not needed at all. Its not hard to oped last file you processed… Because you process it mostly by hours and remember it well…

Just checked. It also writes this save.json file each frame even when saving to mp4 file. And its not possible to resume encoding after encoding is dropped. So why to do it so often?

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It seems that the next version will finally fix the JPEG low quality issue.
I also notified the support desk of this issue, but it was addressed in the FACEBOOK forum.:thinking:
Unfortunately, it seems difficult to reach them.:sweat_smile: