Video Enhance AI 1.7.1 GPUs not showing in the selection list

There are three bugs I’ve discovered with the latest Video Enhancer AI v1.7.1:

(1) not all the GPUs are shown in the Preferences.


I have two RTX 2080 TIs in my system, in V1.6.1 it was fine, both GPUs were shown and selectable to run as individual instances of VEAI. Now, only GPU1 is shown, GPU0 disappeared.

(2) When GPU1 was selected as the one to use, it turns out that VEAI is still using GPU0, even after restarting the VEAI.

(3) When All GPUs is chosen in Preferences, VEAI still only use GPU0, and GPU1 is left un-used with load at 0%

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Same here, I also have the issues 2 and 3 described here.
I have 2x 1080 Ti.

Additionally I noticed with issue 3, so selecting “All GPUs”, the processing is much slower as the software somehow tries to juggle between GPUs, but never actually does that.

Normally I get 0.34s per frame, with “All GPUs” on I have 1.5s per frame and up.

Do you have the GPUs in SLI or are the drivers setup to mirror the GPUs? Can you PM me your dxdiag export?

Yes, removing the SLI fixed the issue of VEAI not detecting one of the cards.