Video Enhance 3.2.2 on Mac bug?

Using Video Enhance 3.2.2 (downloaded update yesterday) on a Mac Studio Ultra (Ventura 13.4). I’m getting an issue where VE refuses to generate preview videos (the Preview button doesn’t activate anything).

Enhancement icon is locked and says I need to unlock to perform upscaling, yet under the Video section it says that Enhancement has been enabled. My account is active, and I’m logged in.

‘Export As’ button works as usual.

I’ve tried rebooting, etc. but no luck

Hi James,

Could I take a look at the Video AI app’s log files to see exactly where the Preview process is failing?

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging and make sure that there is a check mark next to File Logging. Next, recreate the issue and then return to the Help menu and select > Get Logs for Support and attach the zip file to your reply.


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