Video Enhance 2.4 Changes My 59.94fps Video to 59.87fps

I import a 59.94 fps (progressive) video into Video Enhance AI 2.4 and Video Enhance says it’s 59.87 fps. Accordingly, it outputs a 59.87 fps file as well.

Why does it change the frame rate?

Must be an error. Please send a feedback in VEAI so Topaz team can fix it next update. Me personally had some errors with Chronus model as well, like the length of the video is 1 second longer than normal (for 1 hour video) and the audio no longer matches the video frame rate.

I haven’t tried Chronus, but I have had problems with the Dione models speeding up the audio and raising its pitch.

Please don’t create more than one post on the same topic. Just edit your posts if you need to add.

Sorry, someone told me I should send feedback about this after I posted it, and then I saw there was a separate section for bug reports, so I made one in that section. I just now figured out how to move the original post (this one), and I was going to do that and delete the duplicate. It looks like you’ve deleted the other one already. Should we move this one into the bug reports section?

No, these are in the VEAI section, the Bug Reports section is for the other products.