Video Enhace AI - corruption on the output + no sound even option turn ON

you can clearly see a weird colored monitor window overlapping the video output. it happens every like 30 seconds. this really makes the software useless. luckly i am using the trial and not a purchase…
this are the output settings:

Turned Off the “reduce machine load” option on preferences. that removed the video corruption even that it decreased overall performance. do notice it took me 30 minutes do this 2 minutes and 17 seconds of enhaced video. again no sound even if the option is turn on. as well some pixelated artifacts on the laser CGI that in the original are hard to see, now stands out. the asuran satellite (the device with the ring inside aka the stargate seems awesome in comparison with the original CG in the episode alot of detail restored)
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Im having the same problem with the no sound even the option turned on.
Have you solve what the problem is?

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i think that some video sound codecs even if installed on your pc, wont get recognized. the only way to solve it its convert the whole video/movie extract the sound with a program like audacity, and with another editor re-insert the audio. and no i never fixed the problem since it was a trial account and unistall it since to process 3 minutes it took me 3 hours so impossible to do like 30 minutes lol