Video Enchance AI denoise scene change

Tried 2.1.1 version.
Artemis model (HQ & MQ & LQ) has a bug.
When scene change occures then first frame of the next scene is not denoised. And only first one. Second frame and else are denoised. And this is for every scene.
Theia model does not have this bug.

p.s. And JPEG compression ratio is still not fixed. 53% instead of 97%!

Does your source consist mostly of digital noise, compression artifacts? It could be that the first frame got hit because of a the original compression and Artemis doesn’t detect that since it’s one frame.

No. Same on all sources. Like I’v tried to denoise (no enlarge) Fantastic Four BD with Artemis HQ (not much noise).
Tried to enlarge Darkwing Dark cartoon with a lot of noise. This problem is everywhere same.

If you are looking for a quick fix you can do a merge of some black frames losslessly

Here is an example:

Btw, what do you mean about Artemis is one frame? It does not use other frames to calculate noise?
I think it’s just a programming error (bug) that denoise in Artemis is based on previos frame. And because first one does not have previous…