VIDEO: Comparison of 5 Noise Removal Programs

Quite an interesting comparison of noise removal programs/plugins including AIClear.


Yea AIclear crushes them.

But he missed Neat Image from Neatvideo studio.

I normally use Neatvideo to remove noise from videos, if I have about 20-30 hours of time to process a video.

NeatImage was my go-to for image noise removal, until learning about AIclear.

For those of you who can “go left-field” so to speak - never overlook Dynamic Skin Smoothing inside Nik Color Efex - one of the best-kept secrets in “Denoise Valley!”

And yes, it’s probably the name that puts you off (as it isn’t only for skin): skies look a lot better if you are brave enough to use this method (push the slider to 95% and beyond for best results).