Video AI Workflow for Stabilizing Clips vs. Montage

I’m putting together a montage of street scenes in a 10-minute video.

The source clips need stabilization.

Does it make more sense to use Video AI after I’ve compiled the clips into the montage, or is it best first to stabilize each one individually?

Is it best to stabilize the video from another proven application and then feed it to VEAI?

How well does the application stabilize video compared to other applications? This to me is very confusing, because image stabilization has been conquered quite well and quickly with the right app.

Just my thoughts – Is this application being designed to use AI to up convert video? Or is it becoming one with random additional tools? These additional tools may not be as efficient, time wise, as VEIA. So then, you find your rendering to be much slower.

Adding additional features that have no relation to the up-conversion of video make it very difficult to compare apples to apples.

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