Video AI v3.3.4 (and earlier) - 5-10% CPU and 0-5% GPU?

Hi folks…

I’m processing a video right now that will take 15 hours. OK, it is what it is (Ryzen 3900x, 64gb ram, 1070ti, SSD hard drives).

But, Windows Task Manager is showing that Video AI is bouncing around at:

5-10% CPU,
ZERO(!) to 3% GPU, and,
using only 5gb of RAM (my “max memory usage” slider is set to 100%)

Why so little resources? Sure seems like video processing could go MUCH faster if Video AI used more resources. (As well as using more CPU cores?)


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considering your system is normal

  1. did you choose 4k and 60fps?

  2. and who was indicated by AI processing and output encoder / codec?

Task manager is useless to see what a gpu is really doing.

If you look above thats VEAI 3.3.4 upscaling 1080 to 4K and running Proteus auto

That is VEAI 3.3.4 running Proteus auto only.

You can clearly see the GPU is using 38% and 58% under CUDA which is correct, yet what you are looking at (3D) it shows just 4% and 3%.

To get cuda to show you have to turn off Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in windows and reboot.

Also to accomodate all the 1000’s of various users with GPU Vram from 4gb - 24gb Toping uses 384 x 384 tiling to ensure the program does not run out of memory depending on the model used.
This will slow down processing somewhat but they have to use a middle of the road approach.

Never trust Windows Task Manager for GPU load as it is highly inaccurate. I recommend using TechPowerUp GPU-Z to monitor GPU load instead.

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Good advice, it’s what i use but 99% of people go straight to task manager and conclude the GPU is not being used.


(1) - no, I was using some other settings.

(2) - sorry I’m not sure what you mean by that question.


And anyway I understand now from other replies that task manager is unreliable. Very weird, but true as it turns out.

OK, thanks very much. Could I ask about your screen grabs - what app/program were you using?


Snipping Tool thats built into windows

OK thanks - I was actually referring to the data IN the screen grab. :slight_smile:

I don’t know why - but I got used to it for many years
when I watch Windows Task Manager

  1. then I check the input

  2. then the load on the cores / memory and temperature

and all other apps show more correctly
but they load the system…