Video AI V3.3.3 genereating "Trial Mode" on booting

Hello Ida,
Since receiving the latest update to Video AI, each time I boot the app’ it generates a “Trial Mode” signage in yellow, but then returns to “Feedback”.

Hi there!

I believe it is initializing as Trial Mode by default (not logged in) and then verifying the login and then adjusting the button appropriately. I will have our team look into this, however, I do not think this is anything to be concerned about :slight_smile:

Hey Ida

I have also noticed the same thing. I understand that this is not a technical issue, however it does make me feel a little strange seeing trial mode on a licensed software, albeit even for a few seconds every time I start up the software.

Would it be at all possible to maybe delay the yellow trial mode text for a minute, or until the software logs in to check the license. If no license, then it displays ‘trial mode’. So nothing to do with how it currently works, just to not show it for a minute during startup?

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