Video AI V.4.2 Update issues

since your late update, i can’t see anything on the screens 1 & 2 (see screen capture attached)

also, I can’t have 2 separate windows simultaneously for preview process and export process

My computer run under windows 11 et my graphic card is EVGA RTX 3090 TI (4.3 MB)

Thanks by advance for you help


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Only way to fix is is to fully un-install TVAI ( I use Revo Uninstaller)
Then re-install.

I won’t cut anything down to the roots. This is not what we all pay to get a product that is unusable.
Who tested it? Fire the test department manager!
So what, now we have to wait two weeks to fix this bug?
I demand repair it as soon as possible!

Thank you for your suggestion. But I’m afraid I’ll lose all the personal profiles I’ve created over the last few months. Would it be possible to avoid this loss?

C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\presets

Is where the presets are stored, you could back them up then re add them.

Many thanks.

But I have resolved the bug using the following process :

1 - erase the default preset

2 - recreate the preset and assign it as default preset

After that, the 2 screens control run well.

However, I still have only one window for survey preview and export running process.


Philippe GIRAUD

Thank, it’s work.

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