Video Ai Update cant upscale and enhance at the same time!

Love video Ai but with the new update it wont let you upscale and enhance the video at the same time. It now has a lock over the feature anytime I take my footage from 1080 to 4k. This is extremely frustrating because now I have to run the video through video Ai twice.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Never heard of this in the last 2 years.

I have uploaded a screenshot to show you what is happening. As you can see the 4k version locks me out of enhancing the video while the 1080 allows me to use enhance. This never happened until the update. I use to be able to do both at the same time.


The lock icon indicates that Enhancement is currently enabled, and cannot be switched off because a higher resolution is selected than the original video. This is working as intended and is meant to prevent users from selecting an upscaling option and having Enhancement switched off.

It’s meant to signal that the filter is “locked on” because of the resolution setting currently selected. Videos processed with the Enhancement filter in the locked state will have AI models run on them.

Hi Tony,

When comparing the images with the locked on and upscaling the quality of the image looks exactly the same as the original and still has noise.

Is this happening with Proteus v1? I would recommend trying Proteus v3 or Iris v1 to compare and make sure this issue isn’t model-specific.

I see your source file is 1080p which suggests that your source is at high Quality already, Hence I would suggest trying the “Gaia HQ” AI. I think you might be getting the results you are looking for the 4K upscale.