Video AI - Ugly Crash

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    I had a clip that After Effects Couldn’t display. I rewrapped the clip in ProRes 4444XQ QT file with no other changes. It went fine.

Next I set in/out on a :06 second section of the :30 clip @ native 23.917 fps, but this section I set at 4x SloMo with same wrapper and codec. Somewhere in the last 1/3 of the job, Topaz crashed and I was booted out of my Sonoma login account and ended up back at the Mac’s login screen. I’m pretty sure I can 100% replicate this issue since I tried it again for 3 attempts. Same results each time.

We’re all busy poeple with not enough time to finish jobs and it is disappointing to have put in the effort with no result. I hope this helpls you cerate builds that are more stable and do handle robust demands without coming unglued. I was asking a lot-- from lossy to virtually lossless image quality and with 4x slomo frame interpolation, but it didn’t fly.
2020 Intel 10-Core i9 iMac.spx (8.1 MB)

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