Video AI stuck in minimized state ? (Windows)

Hi, and sorry if this was already discussed in the past.
With the latest version of VEAI, I have the following issue:
When minimized during processing, I can’t reopen the window back, and it stays minimized in the windows taskbar.
Tech support sent me more recent alpha versions of the app, but they act the same.
Do anybody else have the same problem ?
Thanks !

Yes I have the same issue and have had the same issue for a long time now (since many beta versions ago).

My fix is to CTRL+ALT+DEL / end task and then run regedit, go to:


then set the values for appWin_h and appWin_w in DECIMAL to your desired width/height. Also check appWin_x and appWin_y are set to 0 or some other suitable value for you.

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Thanks a lot.
Although it doesn’t happen all the time, it is very irritating when it does.
I really hope they fix this.