Video AI still dropping end frames - even when Replace Duplicate Frames enabled

Topaz Labs, I realise I have been a squeaky wheel here, but the reason for this has been your application started out brilliantly, and now is unusable. Currently, I feel as if I should be paid by you for my repeated diligent attempts to workaround the dreaded frame dropping.

Today I re-attempted deinterlacing FHD video. To get around the frame dropping issue (that has persisted for over a month) I firstly added frames at the end of a clip in Adobe’s After Effects. Then I imported each clip in to Video AI and selected deinterlace FHD at 25fps / AI Model Apollo / Replace Duplicate Frame- Sensitivity 15 / Video Type Interlaced / Field Order Auto Detect / AI Model DIone DV 2X FPS.

However, still this application drops a frame - the wrong frame - not a surplus added frame. With the greatest of respect if your technicians cannot solve this issue, please get in someone from Apple, or sell your product to Boris FX, who never seem to have issues designing and updating plugins and applications for Macs.