Video AI: Some simple improvements that aren't hard to implement

Love the product, but would be nice if:

You had an option to quit the application/shutdown the system, after the encoding is finished, so we don’t have to worry about the machine being on when its no longer doing anything. (Some videos take hours and often dont finish until the middle of the night). A simple shutdown option would be nice.

The preview button, when you click it, please can you move the Stop and close button to the left. The reason is that sometimes, because the position of the Close button (after preview) is directly above the “Start Processing”, you occasionally end up accidentally starting the video encoding by mistake. its annoying.

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I just wanted to up-vote this. and suggest one more hopefully simple one. Giving an option to stop processing after the current video is finished instead of just canceling. Sometimes I’ve had several videos queued and wanted to stop after the current one to check/change settings, but had to wait around since I did not want to abort the work in progress. .