Video AI: No obvious file save location ... where is the rendered file?

This a problem your otherwise wonderful program has had from the beginning (yes, I had some of the very first versions). No obvious file-save location shown.

After rendering and returning to the project after a day or two, and with many possible save locations in tens of terabytes of storage—where was the file saved? Yeah, I can easily imagine you guys are laughing your heads off at some guy who can’t seem to find his file.


Can’t find the saved file location by retracing from the Export button (lower right) nor via the Project Save and Save-As options. The Project Save options lead to a set of project files as expected but this is useless if the deliverable itself was saved to another directory, as your software allows, such as a client or other folder.

And there is no File menu drop-down option that leads to the FILE save location (not a Project save option), a Save-As dialog option that IS obvious with every other program that I recall: but not yours.


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The current version saves to the same location as the source. I don’t like this, because I previously had a specific location specified for exports, and they’ve rendered it useless.



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Export folder setting has been removed in 5.1.

That screenshot is 5.1

Not seeing it here. I probably need to do another uninstall/reinstall.

The file should be exported to the original folder or the file path that you designate in the Preference Panel settings, or if you have it set to Export As.

Once an export has run you can also right click the three dots and select show in explorer and that will open a window to the location.


I set a specific export folder location in Preferences so that ALL my exports would go to a single location by default. TVAI is changing it back to the source file location every time it is restarted.

Confirmed happening here too.