Video AI H264 High file sizes larger on M1

Hi there, I’m new to Topaz Video AI and so far enjoy using it!

I however did notice something odd and wasn’t sure if it was normal. I have Topaz Video AI 3.1.1 running on my Windows 11 machine and M1 Max MacBook Pro.

For the same 3 minute clip with the same model (Proteus with some parameters), H264 High mkv, Auto Bitrate and Auto Audio settings it’s just over a 1gig in size rendered on Mac and 280mb in size on Windows. I’ve generated a few times on each machine and get those results consistently.

I know on Windows it shows H264 High (NVIDIA) and on M1 is just H264 High for the Encoder, is the NVIDIA encoder just able to compress more than the non-nvidia encoder? Is that normal or is it a bug? I’m trying to figure out how the best approach would be to generate similar file sizes on the mac for the same quality.

Not sure about the Mac, but they should both depend on your hardware. Basically it tells your GPU to make it H264. They both have different ways of doing it, so that’s why you’re seeing such a big file size difference. They’re probably not visually the same either.