Video AI does not complete on computers using eGPUs

Hello, I have two computers (both laptops) that I have connected to eGPUs. For both of those computers, I am running into a situation where Video AI does not complete the job, but shows (for example) “99% complete” with 0 seconds remaining. In some cases, the output file is a completed file (as far as I am able to determine, usually by testing in VLC to make sure it plays), but in some cases it is a “temp” file. For the “temp” files, I have to be very careful to open the file and play it in VLC, or closing Video AI automagically deletes the file. I have not encountered this behavior in two other computers that are not using eGPUs; both of those computers complete the upscale activity with a check mark indicating the process complete.
I’ve attached a logfile for the most recent file I did. This is an upscale from 1080p (FHD) to 2160p (4K) using the Gaia model.
Would you please review this and determine if this is something I’m doing (in which case, what am I doing wrong and how can I avoid the issue) or if something in Video AI can be fixed to prevent this from happening?

2023-08-31-15-26-5-Main.tzlog (1.4 MB)


Could we try the same export but with this setting disabled in the app’s preferences?

I already have that setting disabled in the Export Preferences. I currently have a job running and these are my settings:



Hello, could you send us a note at so that our team could take a closer look at this bug? Thanks!