Video AI 3.20 is powering off my system

I just installed it and the first file I tried resulted in my system being powered off. I restarted it, same thing at the same spot in the video file. I can’t remember the last time an app crashed that badly. I had posted a message on this earlier today with the Topaz log attached but in reviewing it I see all sorts of information I really don’t want out on a public forum - email, network topography, etc. I can email it in but if this is a known issue with a suggested cure I would appreciate suggestions.

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Sounds like your power supply is not adequate. When the GPU pulls more power than the PSU can supply, the system will hard crash/power off. I know this because I’ve had it happen to me.

It’s not the software.

Well, that could be an issue, but some points to consider. It’s a fairly robust HP Omen system and has never had an issue with anything else. I have previously upscaled the same clip in Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere, and Virtualdub, and was trying Topaz to see if there was any improvement. All of the others run through the clip just fine, but Topaz seems to hit a certain spot then the system dies. I did notice the CPU was running higher than on the other programs but I wasn’t looking at GPU as it has never caused any issues. I’m a bit reluctant to try it again since Windows doesn’t like abrupt shutdowns, but I might try a different clip over the weekend. Thanks for the input and I will watch the GPU next time.

Video AI will stress all components of your system like no other software. It’s CPU and GPU intensive.

FYI your system:



And recommened PSU for 2080 cards:


You probably want to get an 850 watt platinum rated PSU if you want the power issues to stop.

Thanks for the info. I’m hoping there is some other solution rather than having to tear the box apart and spend more money when the other packages can handle it - only to find when I do it that the Topaz results were about the same. It would be nice if there was a way to throttle it back - I don’t care if it takes twice as long as I can let it run all night if needed.

You can probably set a lower power limit on the GPU with the MSI afterburner software:

Thanks, I’ll try it over the weekend or at the start of the week. MUCH appreciated.

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Before hardware changes: Try to use “Low power mode” in your preferences (settings) for TVAI. If problem will gone - you definitely have power source issue.

Are you using a Mac? Because this doesn’t exist in the Windows version.

Nope. I’m using Windows version. Option checkbox beside number of parallel task configuration. Will re-check when return home.

I don’t see it.


Will check later. My PC based on AMD Epyc proc.
BTW, are you checked windows system events log?

Low power mode was removed as an option in 3.2, because now it operates in low power mode by default.

They improved the efficiency if a single process by alot, that there was little difference between low power mode being on or off.


OK. Thanks. On update not loking for preferences changes.
David.123, sorry - my fault.

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My system was definitely running all out. A low power option in the software would have been nice. Too bad they removed it just as I decided to use it.

For the person who asked, nothing in the system logs, just a note in the restart that the previous shutdown was unexpected. Nothing unusual before that.

It indicates abrupt reset which can occurs in 2 cases: power brown-out (for inadequate power source) or overheating. Burn-out testing is recommended for details.