Video AI 3.2.7 - Where'd the keyboard shortcuts go?

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For instance, when I press I for In or O for out I cannot select portion of the movie clip for preview. Pretty basic stuff!

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    Mac Studio M1 Ultra, 64 GB RAM, etc.

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    Nothing to log, feature is missing.

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Best as always,


Video AI does not currently support marking in/out points with a keyboard shortcut. Any keyboard shortcuts will be listed next to the button on the app’s top menu bar:


Thank you, Tony, and apologies for the late replay.

The thing is, keyboard shortcuts to define, let’s say, an encoding area for Preview, would be an obvious convenience. I and O keys to set, and Shift-I and O to navigate quickly to head or tail, to adjust one or the other. That’s pretty basic and I seem to remember it was implemented on one version a while back-- but my mind may be going. All my other media apps have mappable key bindings, and Topaz does support them for display modes, (thank you for the screenshot) which is great.

Best as always,

Hi Loren,

I agree that I, Shift-I, O, and Shift-O are standard keyboard shortcuts that we should implement to match other NLEs. I’ve sent this request over to our dev team along with J/K/L for playback controls.

Thanks again for your feedback and participation in the Topaz Community.


I try to bring value to the community whenever possible. TVAI is a great tool, love watching it grow.

Thank you again.

Best as always,
Loren S. Miller
NeoTron Cinema Group

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