Video 4.1.0 No audio in output files

I have been using Topaz Video AI for a couple of months and upgraded my GPU to a RTX 4070 TI Super a few days ago to speed up the processing of videos. My first attempt to process a video went well until I checked it and there was no audio in the exported file. So, I tried different videos and settings, still no audio. Then after checking the sound settings in Windows, not changing anything, I tried again and was able to process a video with sound. The next day I did another video and “no Audio” again. Since then, I have tried everything I could think of and more to get it to work, but no success. I have emailed Topaz support and am waiting for help.

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Similar problem here. I just upgraded from 3.5 to 4.1 and I hear no audio while playing videos inside the app. The output file actually has the audio! Looking at Windows 10’s Volume Mixer panel, the app is not showing up in the list. Might be a clue as to what’s going on.

TVAI has NEVER EVER played audio in the preview.

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Try using convert to not copy audio.

Not sure if you’re talking about a rendered preview (that would make sense). But if you simply load a new video and hit the play button, you should hear the audio. How else would you accurately set an in or out point?

As I said TVAI has never “Played” any kind of audio in any preview, rendered or not.

Use a video editor like Resolve for your cuts esp if you are relying upon audio for cuts.

Prepare your sources for TVAI, I mean after all that’s what it is, a video enhancer.

Thank you, that worked!

Thank you, issue resolved!

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