VHS specific model needed

I found a thread last week talking about a dedicated VHS model but can’t find it this week within a search?

I know a lot of people use Topaz for upscaling DVDs but I really wish there was a VHS model as I have a lot of projects where I am needing to upscale VHS footage. Results have been reasonable but not with faces from a distance being especially problematic.

I have been impressed with what Topaz does for the last couple of years using it with digital footage and mini DV, but I long for a true VHS model tha gives better results.

Hopefully this will happen?


I deinterlace the source file first (with a 3rd party application that I know does an excellent job).

Then I feed VEAI the 480p file - square pixels of course.

I test Proteus low, med and high quality to see which one gives the least artificial results.

Then I add grain depending on how too smooth the video looks like in the preview.

Output is at a high bitrate or ProRes.

Finally, I run the resulting file through a 3rd party application in case it needs to be sharpened or not. I have 3 predefined sharpening levels to pick.

Then the same application will output the file or files into a QuickTime container with the appropriate codec I need, depending on the project.

This is done as a batch of files very easily.

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I deinterlace the source file first (with a 3rd party application that I know does an excellent job).

Hi ! Can you tell me please which third-party application you are doing deinterlacing and with what settings?

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You will need to research good applications for this, some are poor and some are very good.

Under my NDA - I am not allowed to provide that information unfortunately.

I think my expectations were too high, but I assumed there would be a list of presets including VHS, 8mm and DVD to upscale and repair.

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No - different recipe for most things. Neat Video does a good job at removing scratches, if used carefully.

I think the majority of the users of this software are working with SD or higher digital video from the start.

To correct analog video - that is a whole other industry and one that is shrinking.