VHS Model Needed

I’d like to see a specific model for VHS

Been battling with Iris but no matter if i deinterlace it myself or get Video Ai to deinterlace it the results are disappointing and too blurred. Its certainly less noisy but spend all weekend doing small tests.

A slider to knock in the red alignment would be really helpful too.


Where is your source from ?
A professional service or a cheap ebay device ?

No, it’s from a consumer-grade Akai Camcorder (VHS-C) recorded on Scotch Pro tape. My brother bought this in 1993 so not off eBay.

Not expecting miracles.

I meant how did you get the source of the video from the tape to a digital format to use on computer.
Ask this as many of the home devices are pretty bad and don’t give you a good starting format to work with.

It was a unit that has 8 head tape and DVD recorder (HQ) in one.

It’s not just the red. The chroma component of a VHS (or Beta) recording is delayed by one vertical line on playback and also delayed a few microseconds horizontally. Making copies of copies worsens the effect. A Pro copying service can shift the chroma back into place using a capable digital timebase corrector (TBC) to clean up the signal as it is digitised. Some video software can shift the Chroma relative to the Luma and sharpen it up. It’d be a nice function to have in VideoAI :grin:

Dione:TV is meant for those type of VHS videos.
I found this works also the best on my 1998 Sony Video8 tapes.

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