Very Slow Processing

After the last update (7.0.3) the time to save a processed image takes forever!! When I click to save the image that has already been processed, it starts to be processed again! And my notebook boils like hell. The old version was extremely fast!

This is currently a bug that we are investigating. Could you reach out to Support so we can investigate this conflict more effectively?

Sorry for the grammar, I use a translator. I had a similar problem although not exactly the same. The program processed photos quite slowly. The gpu management program Precision X1 indicated a gpu load of 35% max. By coincidence I discovered , that a quick click on the Gigapixel icon in the taskbar causes the gpu to start working at the maximum limit. It is necessary to click for at least several seconds until the Precision x1 shows that the gpu reaches the maximum values. It is important to leave the Gigapixel window minimized. If it remains open on the desktop, the gpu goes down to 35% again. My graphics card is an RTX 3060 12GB.

Thanks for this information! Could you try reaching out to Support as well so we can track this?

Of course it is. I can send a screen record. Is it about something more, for example, whether everything is ok with my operating system? In fact, it no longer bothers me because I was able to bypass this inconvenience. But I understand that the point is to remove this anomaly.

Yes, we would check that your system meets the requirements and determine what could be causing it. I appreciate your understanding.