Very slow export

I just bought Video ai 5. I upscaled a 5 minute video to 60 fps and 4k. It says it’s going to take 15 hours to complete. Is this normal? I have an iMac with an i9 Intel processor with 32 gb of memory.

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Hello there, :blush:
As par my knowledge this is normal for the upscaling process to take a significant quantum of time, especially when you’re working with high judgments like 4K and adding the frame rate to 60 fps…
Then are a many reasons why it might take so long

  • Processing Power
  • Quality Settings
  • Software Optimization
  • Background Processes
    While 15 hours might feel long, it’s not unusual given the complexity of the task. You might consider using a system with a high end GPU or exploring external GPU options for your iMac, If you find yourself doing this constantly and need faster results.
    I hope this helps clarify your effects beam :grin:

If your iMac has the Radeon Pro 5300, I wouldn’t even consider upscaling video to 4K. It’s going to be frustratingly slow.