Very slow and brush is unusable

the app is very slow to respond and the brush is very jerky and difficult to control

We are currently working on this and have released a Beta version, Topaz Photo AI v3.1.0.0b, that has improved this brush selection option significantly. If you would like please use the following link to learn more about our Beta Program:

I will sign up for the beta program. I also wanted to mention that the application works better in PS vs LR classic. I find this to be true with many Adobe features using Ai as well. I suspect some of the problems are related to Adobe as well.
I have always preferred Topaz Denoise Ai vs Topas Photo Ai as I feel I have more control over specific parts of the photo. I have always felt that all Denoise programs struggle with fine feather detail (such as the fine parallel lines on tail feathers) and often just remove it unless it is very pronounced. So in Denoise Ai I could use the brush tool to target those areas and just apply a lesser amount. I’m glad you are including a brush tool to allow modifications like this and I will continue to experiment with it.
I love the new Giga Pixel app but again would love to have a brush tool to modify levels of detail.

Mac Walter

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