Very Helpful Information on Graphics Intensive Plugins

Previously, I have mentioned problems that I have been having with certain graphics intensive plugins inside of Studio. Kevin replied recently with exactly what I had been seeking. The problem apparently is that my graphics card is not strong enough. He also mentioned that that was exactly why they had created some new features in Studio Beta, most specifically Impression. Bingo - the new Impression features have worked perfectly; unlike trying to use Impression 2 from the drop down Plugins Menu.


That’s the idea! Glad we’re making substantive improvements in processing speed. Impression’s processing speed has been a contentious discussion point for quite some time now.

Actually, I have had way more of a speed problem with Simplify rendering. For a long time, I have resized any file that I want to work on in Simplify to 1500 px on the longest side. This makes the rendering of work done in Simplify very speedy. Then I upsize it back to the original file size. This process has also eliminated some of the weird results I would sometimes get; everything would look great inside of Simplify, but when it returned as a Layer in PSCC, it looked radically different than back inside of Simplify.

We expect speed improvements to continue as our development continues :slight_smile:

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