Very grainy/noisy preview

Hey there,

since the recent versions I noticed that the preview of the original picture is way noisier and granier than the original.

on the left you see the orignal preview of the picture on the right.
I’m using an M1 MacBook Pro (13.2.1) and Topaz version 1.2.8.

2023-03-28-17-57-18.tzlog (1.3 MB)

To reproduce simple open any picture not matter if RAW, TIFF or PNG.

Hi, could you attach the original image here so we can try it out? We don’t see noisy previews for png images on our end in Topaz Photo AI compared with Mac Preview.

Note that this will happen when you open a noisy image in Lightroom or any other editor that reduces noise by default. That doesn’t appear to be what’s happening here, however.