Version 5.1.3 gets error in every render mode

print ("version 5.1.3 gets error message in every output mode when trying to render ")

Please share the logs here or send to the support team for review as to what is causing your render issue.

see attached as requested regards error when trying to render using any of the model settings for enhancement etc (145 KB)

Do you have a GPU? The logs say you do not and its trying to use the GPU in your CPU, which is well below the minimum requirements.

It worked fine before the update as i was using an external blackmagic GPU but since the update no models load and it doesn’t see the gpu.

I’m having a similar issue but it happens on export. It will complete most of the processing and then towards the end it errors out. I’ve tried it with different containers (mp4 and mkv) and different enhancement models and the same result. (2.7 MB)

Might need to try uninstalling the app and doing a clean install and then use the Model Manager to download all of the models first. Video AI is not set up to use an external GPU at this time but some users have been able to do so when the app can see the GPU. Does your system see the GPU when you run a system profile check? Can you share the DxDiag report?

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

I am seeing different error codes here that look to be color profile and codec issues with the original file. Going to have to dig a little more to troubleshoot this though.