Version 5.1.2 crashes

Latest version of Topaz Video AI (5.1.2) crashes when I move the pointer after loading a video, unfortunately I cannot do anything with the software at the moment :frowning: . (4.3 MB)

Are you running any overclocking with this system? Can you share your system profile?

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

Hello Kyle,

Not that I’m aware. I’m running a “standard” computer that I bought in a shop. System profile attached

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DxDiag.txt (144 KB)

Okay, let’s have you do a full uninstall and then reinstall of the app. Use the Windows System Settings option to uninstall so that it will clean the registry. Then go to the Video AI releases - community page and download the installer file again and let it run.


Explain to me what in your analysis has shown that the problem is on my computer?

Willl I keep all my presets and other settings when I perfom th procedure as you propose?


In the mean time I have been able to move forard with my work by using some other sofwtare. The files that I have the problem with are rarther big (uncompressed) .avi files, I’m attaching the info of one of these files (attached .jpg).

So when I open the file and then move the pointer to let’s say 1 minute in the file, Topaz crashes.




You can keep the presets if you copy them to a different folder and then bring them back in after reinstalling the app. If the app is freezing up it could be an issue with the install hence the clean install suggestion.

If it is only freezing when you load a large input file in than the install might be good but it is having an issue reading that file itself.

It’s clear to me from your anwer that there’s no direct pointer at the installation on my computer. By the way, Topaz doesn’t freeze, it just disappears. Had the same probkem yesterday when I was setting up a number of small avi files for processing. The logs in this case might not give any clue as to where the problem might be. I’ll think about the option of going through the hassle of a clean instaal, with the risk of loosing some of my parameters, settings.