Version 5.1.1 Doesn't Open Full Screen

  1. The Issue:
    The title explains the issue. When I open the app, it refuses to fill the entire screen. I was able to fix it by right clicking on the taskbar icon and changing it from open in “normal window” to open in “full screen.” But I never had to do this with any of the previous versions, so I assume it’s a bug.

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  3. Screenshot of the issue

This doesn’t affect how the app works, but it’s annoying. I’m just using my workaround for now, which I hope doesn’t affect anything.

Thanks for sharing, the team is looking into this.

Thank you. I’ll keep checking back.

This is the same problem which is already discussed in
" Video v5.1 opening partially off screen"

When you minimize or close the app and you reopen it, the UI has either different
size or position. (shifted upward)