Version 3.3.8 Lots of problems and features that no longer exist

Presents: Presents Save as new File… It’s done (>is Now over Copy Settings)

The dimensions: The dimensions for the image dimensions: Only rendering at width or height is gone. This is unfavorable for many different formats, because in version 3.3.8 the width and height are permanently stored in the presents. This means that every single video has to be readjusted manually. For me, this is a deterioration in the workflow.

Output Settings: When I press Image Sequence and then back to video, the container always changes to mov and doesn’t stay at mp4

Extrapolation time: For the same video, with the same settings (720x540pix, 25FPS length approx. 45 min) on - With fixed height 2160pix, Ai Model:Iris, the Extrapolation time time is extended from 55 minutes (V3.3.5) to 1 hour and 35 minutes (V3.3.8)
The quality of the video is exactly the same in comparison.

I hope these problems will be worked on quickly.

This option is hidden in the custom resolution option now!

The option Consider all clips to the height, e.g. 2160pix and the width of the original, is missing.
In costum resolution I have to readjust each clip from the width
Costum Resolution in Presents: 3840x2160 (I would like only the height to be used as a benchmark, which is no longer possible)
Clip 1 1440x1080 = 3840x2160 (but should be 2880x2160)
Clip 2 1920x1080 = 3840x2160



Fully agree. The new custom resolution option is more than terrible!


Thank you for your feedback, our team is looking into this.

@andreas.teske-2366 Great catch on the output settings! I was able to reproduce this and we are looking into it.

I am uncertain of the last point you made, can you clarify?

For best practices, please limit the bug posts to one per thread so that we can handle each issue one at a time.

Missing function:
Film sections, which are all in different widths and heights, should be calculated with a setting (present) to the same height.
However, the width should adjust automatically, as it was in V3.3.5 with the select Height function.

Extrapolation time:
In comparison to V3.3.5 and V3.3.8, the calculation time for a movie/movie section is longer.
A quick comparison of a new movie
In V3.3.5 the program says : 45 minutes left
In V3.3.8 the program says : 75 minutes left
This with the same settings and the same movie in V3.3.5 and V3.3.8

Next time, definitely. I’m getting confused myself.

Here are three more pictures to illustrate the missing function: Calculate on height

Extrapolation time:
The time difference between the versions probably only occurs if the film has a wide 720 and the height as 544.
For all other resolutions, V3.3.8 is currently the same as the old V3.3.5

I have seen a few other comments about this from @craposoup & @martinsawicki

Can you all confirm that the in-app settings for Ai processor and memory usage are the same? If so, please post your logs here please.

To gather logs, please select Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support and attach the zip file to your reply.

@andreas.teske-2366 @martinsawicki @craposoup Are you all by chance using the custom resolution setting?

Yeah Im using custom res.

Here are my logs:

3.3.8.tar.gz (180.4 KB)

Thank you! If you use the input resolution is there still a processing delay?

Yeah. Same issue. Just obviously shorter cus the processing is faster… couple of seconds.

BTW the preview on exports is broken in a different way now. It plays 1-2 seconds and then stops. Then has to think a bit plays 1-2 seconds again

Can you double-check that the FFmpeg commands from v3.3.5 and v3.3.8 are the same?

Can you double-check that the FFmpeg commands from v3.3.5 and v3.3.8 are the same?

Sorry didn’t see this reply until now. And I don;t have 33.5 installed anymore…